FinnMETKO 2020- Registration form for exhibitors

Take the time to familiarize yourselfs with stand prices (finnish: näyttelyosastojen hintoihin ja osastokuvauksiin), exhibitors information(finnish: näytteilleasettaja informaatioon) fair terms and regulations of the exhibition (finnish: näyttelyehtoihin ja ohjeisiin) before filling this form. The finnish language versions of the documents are the binding ones. English translations are only provided to facilitate understanding of the contract and its annexes.

Additional Exhibitors on same stand are required to pay extra 25% of stand fee, but no more than 1400euros (starting from 1.6.2020 no more than 1500euros). Additional Exhibitors need to register with this form by themself. VAT will be added to all prices per Finnish legislation.

1/5 Basic information

Name of the company:

VAT code:

Contact person phone number: (example. +35840 9009 410)

Contact person email address: (example.

WWW-address: (example.

Postall address:




2/5 Billing information

Street address for billing:

ZIP code for billing:

City for billing:

Country for billing:

Electric billing information:

3/5 Stands


Electricity for the Stand

Wood chips for the stands

Do you want to have the wood chips spread on the stand by a machine

5/5 Advertisements and visibility in the Exhibition


Please provide information that will be shown on the traditional exhibition catalog and on the Internet catalog.


It is possible to edit the information untill the exhibition free of charge. Information for the traditional catalog is updatable until page laying starts in the spring 2020.

Finnmetko Oy does not take responsibility for information in exhibition catalog.

Following pictures show examples how the information will look.


Information for the exhibition catalogs


Postal address:

ZIP code:


Tel: (esim. +358 40 9009 410)

Emai: (esim.

WWW: (esim.


The printed text for the catalog for english and finnish cant exceed 350 characters per language.


Text for the catalog in finnish:


Text for the catalog in english:


Logo for Internet catalog (250€ + VAT.)

Separate advertisement for printed catalog:

Digital bill boards:


Flag poles:

6/6 Sent the registration and contract form

Write your name on the field below to agree with finnish stand prices (finnish: näyttelyosastojen hintoihin ja osastokuvauksiin), exhibitors information(finnish: näytteilleasettaja informaatioon) fair terms and regulations of the exhibition (finnish: näyttelyehtoihin ja ohjeisiin). The finnish language versions of the documents are the binding ones. English translations are only provided to facilitate understanding of the contract and its annexes.


You cannot submit the form without agreeing.





Yhteistyökumppaneiden ilmoituksia

Varmista näkyvyytesi näyttelyn yhteydessä. Ota yhteyttä näyttelyn markkinointipäällikköön Tapio Hirvikoskeen, puh 040 9009 417.