How to become an Exhibitor

1) Get Acquainted with Fair grounds

Read Prices and Stand Descriptions and get acquited with Fair Grounds. By doing so you will familiriase yourself with the Fair and will know where your Company is best presented at.

2) Read Exhibition terms and instructions for exhibitors

Read Exhibition terms and instructions for exhibitors thoroughly so that you know what you need to consider when plannin your exhibition stand.

3) Fill and Sent your registration form

Fill your Registration form thoroughly and sent it

4) Secure your visibility in the Fair

There are variety of options on promoting your Company and Exhibition stand before and during the Fair. These include ads in Koneyrittäjä-magazine, the Exhibition catalog, the Visitor-bags and on the Website. Please contact Mr Tapio Hirvikoski (tel. +35840 9009 417) on the matter.

5) Follow updated information on the Website and make preparations for the Exhibition

Updates and follow up information will be mailed via postal service and upadated on the Finnmetko website.

Make nessesary preparations for the Exhibition. Order and distripute Invitation Cards to your customers on time.

Please refer to Himos Holiday and Jämsek Ltd for information on accommodation services.

6) Construction and operation of Exhibition Stand

Exhibitors are themselfs responsibe for construction and operation of the their fair stand unless other wise agreed upon. When constructing the Exhibition Stands please note that:

– Depending on the area, the construction of outdoor stands may begin on Mon. 24.8.2020, if separately agreed.

– The construction of stands on asphalted fields may begin at 8.00am on Sat 29.8.2020 and they must be empty by 6.00pm on 7.9.2020

– Indoor stands in the hall may be equipped with exhibitors’ goods from 8.00am on Mon 31.8.

– Stands must be complete when the exhibition opens. The schedule for demonstration stand construction can be agreed separately.

– Exhibition disassembly can begin after the exhibition closes at 6.00pm on Sat 5.9.2020. Stands must be disassembled and the exhibited goods and supplies removed from the exhibition area no later than 4.00pm on Mon 14.9.2020.

– If required, more construction or disassembly time can be agreed with the event organiser.

– The event organiser has commissioned KOKO Lahti Oy / Lahden Messut Oy to construct stand walls in the FinnMETKO hall.

Yhteistyökumppaneiden ilmoituksia

Varmista näkyvyytesi näyttelyn yhteydessä. Ota yhteyttä näyttelyn markkinointipäällikköön Tapio Hirvikoskeen, puh 040 9009 417.